Global warming workshop with the kids in Newland

Yesterday, we went to Newland to plant some trees with the kids from Mvuleni Primary School. We had the pleasure to discover a well equipped school which treat with solar radiations the water it extract from the ground for the kids to drink. The system is powered by solar panels on the roof and the school kitchen uses gas coming from the children feces so we knew we were in a good terrain to talk about ecology !

Nina teaching the kids how plant a tree.

After planting 23 trees, both shade and fruit trees, we gave a class about global warming to the oldest kids who were truly interested in the subject and sometimes asked challenging questions !

Fabrice talking about the causes of global warming.

We then tried for the first time a game inspired by an animation created by Cedric Ringenbach. The kids had to place some cards on a board in order to organize them by causes and consequences.

It was a huge success and it allowed us to assess the children success in understanding the concepts of global warming. It made them exchange on the topic and it was really interesting to see the different ways the children organized their boards, several solutions being possible.

It all ended with a lot of joy when it was time to take pictures of the boards the kids made. Those will stay and be proudly displayed in the school.

It was a real good time of bounding with the kids and we plan to do it sometimes again soon !

The pictures we took with the kids :

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