July 10, 2017

Our Work

Tree planting in Schools

Nina, Lucile and Simon Mwakalinga showing the kids how to plant a tree.

Since 2014 we have been dealing with planting trees in various schools. We started with the Sumaye school for planting 50 trees. We continued with tree planting campaigns in several schools where we managed to plant more than 123 trees in July, 2017. We have plans in the future to scale up our project of planting shade and fruit trees to more primary schools aiming at improving the school environment and nutritional status of the children.

Supporting widows and early mothers

A widows meeting in Marangu, Kilimanjaro.

The widows and early mothers have found mostly practice open-field farming of a subsistence and traditional form which is very seasonal and affected by the climatic conditions on household farms. Farming families have not adequately acquired knowledge and skills that can enable them to sustain themselves in an often harsh environment leaving them in poverty. In order to improve their livelihood a project promote organic agriculture through greenhouse technology was evolved. We started with six widows in 2010 and until now about 30 widows and early mothers have benefited from our initiative.

Fish farming  promotion

Kids working on a fish pond.

We stared promoting integrated fish farming in schools and the community since 2009 by conducting skills training and demonstration. One school was selected as a model for integrated fish farming practice. This project involved 20 primary school orphans who were imparted skills on fish pond construction and vegetable gardening. One fish pond and 20 gardening plots were established.

If you want to contribute to these projects, find out how you can volunteer or donate to ACRO.

More pictures :

Protecting the trees from the goats around a school.

Planting a pomegranate tree in a school in Newland.

Widows working on a fish pond in Rundugai.

Tree planting in Newland.

Joyce Masaoe, ACRO member, planting trees with kids.

Lucile planting trees with kids

Simon Mwakalinga demonstrates how to dig a hole for planting a tree

Fabrice, Nina, Maximilian and Simon discussing on how to set the distance between tree holes.